Omaha Elite Taekwondo Program

The Omaha Elite Taekwondo is one of the most unique martial art programs in the midwest. 
Offering a blend of traditional and modern Taekwondo enhanced with a focus on functional strength training and functional movement. 

Our program believes in following international standards and Kukkiwon certification so as to allow our students to benefit from access to professional sources of Taekwondo educational materials from around the world as well as the ability to continue their training elsewhere.

It is our philosophy that regardless of background, everyone has the ability to excel at martial arts with proper instruction and leadership that cares about the individual. 

Promotion at Omaha Elite is NOT merely based on memorization, but based on a combination of 
  • attendance
  • time at rank
  • knowledge of curriculum
  • proficiency in performing the curriculum
  • competition experience in USAT / WTF style tournaments
  • fitness
  • behavior in and out of the training hall
This program follows the standards of the USAT, International Olympic Committee and the Kukkiwon. 

The instructor, John Scott Stevens is a 5th degree black, Kukkiwon licensed master instructor and 2008 World Taekwondo Hanmadang Gold Medalist with over 30 years experience in Taekwondo whose students have earned over 70 medals and dozens of gold medals at the USAT Junior Olympics. Additionally, Scott is a FMS Functional Movement Specialist as well as a StrongFirst Level II kettlebell, Barbell and Bodyweight strength certified instructor.   His expertise in functional movement assessment, and strength training also play a large role in how Taekwondo is taught at Omaha Elite resulting in one of the area's most unique programs.