The programs of Omaha Elite are offered with the intention to not only improve our health and our ability to perform the skills learned in training ... but to make us stronger for whatever challenges life throws our way. 

Omaha Elite strives to offer the highest possible quality instruction in Taekwondo and Kettlebell training by providing instruction that has been continually certified internationally by the most respected sources of instruction in the world. 

The word "Elite" is not meant to designate our program or its participants as pretending to be the best of the best. The name "Omaha Elite" is meant to serve as a reminder to seek out and hold ourselves to continually higher standards of technique, safety, performance and intelligent training. 

We believe that regardless of the activity any form of physical excellence can be reverse engineered and taught as a skill. When intelligently trained,  the skills of strength and performance can make us healthier and higher functioning individuals. 

By participating in an Omaha Elite program you are joining a community that believes in your undiscovered potential and is committed to the continual pursuit of personal excellence. 

In short... 
Omaha Elite is about discovering and becoming better versions of ourselves.